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Nino Basilashvili creates interactive installations through which she allows people to experience a deep sense of connection. Her installations take the form of performances in which collectivity and new media play an essential role.

For Nino, the search for connection is a common thread in her life and the reason for developing new work. At the age of three, she fled with her parents from Georgia to the Netherlands. An uprooting that resulted in a search and later brought her the realization that a sense of connection is always linked to connection with yourself and the surrounding nature.

She often incorporates biofeedback into her installations. Biofeedback is the conscious awareness and manipulation of physiological functions of the body using electronic or other instruments. For example, in the installation HEARTSYNC, which was showcased during Studio DRIFT’s tour at Amsterdam Carré and later at Poppodium De Effenaar, she utilizes heart rate data to measure and stimulate heart rate synchronization within a group.

My vision is one of a connected society that focuses on its similarities rather than its differences.

A picture of Nino Basilashvili.


Mariska Kret
September @Leiden

Mariska is interviewed about her research on physiological synchronization
More info on her research

FotosyntheseSunday 1 October @Breda

Art, live music and connection
More info (NL)

HEARTSYNCSaturday 14 October @Dongen

Experience HEARTSYNC during Cultuurnacht Dongen
More info (NL)

LUCIDE28 nov. – 1 dec. @Rotterdam

New work in collaboration with Casper ten Brug and Julia Luteijn > Immersive Tech Week. Interactive projection about collective dreams
Immersive Tech Week

Logo Mestmag

Mestmag artikel: interactief mediakunstenaar Nino

(Only NL) “Ze is geen autonoom beeldend kunstenaar, maar ook geen toegepast ontwerper. Het werk dat Nino Basilashvili maakt, zit eigenlijk net tussen deze disciplines in…”

Fotosynthese in Ingenhousz (NL)

(Only NL) Een optreden met live muziek gecomponeerd door Nuno Silva, geconserveerde flora door Mandy van Elzen en interactieve installatie: Heartsync.

NFT Mind x Breath at Rarible

I made my first NFT on Rarible


HEARTSYNC in the Effenaar

HEARTSYNC in the main hall of Poppodium Effenaar. A live session where the real-time heartbeat data of the participants is visualized.

When we experience connection, our physiology reacts with synchronization. We are mostly not consciously aware of this phenomenon. By stimulating it, we realize our deeper connection and new possibilities open up. Imagine a society that can utilize this!

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During the AI4FUTURE residency an interactive digital artwork about the balance between freedom and control in the public space was created.

AI4Future is a Creative Europe’s project which involves three different European countries: Italy, Spain and Netherlands. It aims at enhancing the understanding and dissemination of AI related technologies for the active and creative participation of young activists to the European cultural scene, allowing them to work with artists for a joint creation of a new urban community awareness.

4 artists were selected:
Bernat Cuní @Esprocenda/Lemongrass, Barcelona
Category: AI, phygital worlds and digital barriers
Luca Pozzi @MEET, Milan
Category: AI, platform urbanism and social mobility
Chunju Yu @V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam
Category: AI and Gender Inequality issues
Nino Basilashvili @Sardegna Teatro, Sardinia
Category: AI and community mobilization in public spaces

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DRIFT in Carré

Heartsync during DRIFT in Carré Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode

In collaboration with Studio DRIFT & Koninklijk Theater Carré Amsterdam.

DRIFT returns to Carré for an unique tour in which visitors will walk through the public and backstage areas of Carré. As part of the tour realtime interactive installation Heartsync will help the group synchronize so that they can let go of their ego and be in the moment and experience to the fullest.

Close your eyes, your heart rate is being measured and you start breathing in the same rhythm as a group. Let’s experience together what it looks and feels like to synchronize…

Did you know that regulating your own heart coherence can result in more coherence in a group? Research on heart synchronization and group coherence by HeartMath Institute. Did you know that your breath can change your state of mind? Research on the effect of breathing techniques by The Art of Living Foundation.

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Mind x Breath

An interactive installation commissioned by The Art of Living Foundation exhibited at the Happinez Festival (from the Happinez Magazine).

The Art of Living Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides breathing and meditation courses. They are known for their unique breathing technique, the S.K.Y breath (Sudarshan Kriya).

Your state of mind has a major effect on your breathing, but did you know that it also works the other way around?

When your breathing changes, your state of mind changes. With this live and ‘real-time’ data installation, artists Nino Basilashvili and Mitchell van Dis immediately show this connection.

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Moving Forward

An interactive installation about AI in the public space. If you know what AI knows about you, will your behavior change? The more data the AI ​​collects from you and the other participants, the better it ​​can predict your next step.

Field of Connection

It has now become more evident than ever that we as humans are intertwined. What is happening on the other side of the world has an effect on us, here and now. This effect is explored in an interactive projection which uses the symbol of the interference pattern.

VPRO Tegenlicht Pioniersfinale

(Only NL) Nino Basilashvili is één van de 4 finalisten van de VPRO Tegenlicht Pionierswedstrijd genaamd Touching Technology. Koert van Mensvoort en Lonneke Gordijn maken de winnaars bekend.