Moving Forward

An interactive installation about AI in the public space. If you know what AI knows about you, will your behavior change? The more data the AI ​​collects from you and the other participants, the better it ​​can predict your next step.

Field of Connection

It has now become more evident than ever that we as humans are intertwined. What is happening on the other side of the world has an effect on us, here and now. This effect is explored in an interactive projection which uses the symbol of the interference pattern.

VPRO Tegenlicht Pioniersfinale

(Only NL) Nino Basilashvili is één van de 4 finalisten van de VPRO Tegenlicht Pionierswedstrijd genaamd Touching Technology. Koert van Mensvoort en Lonneke Gordijn maken de winnaars bekend.

Fotosynthese in Ingenhousz (NL)

(Only NL) Een optreden met live muziek gecomponeerd door Nuno Silva, geconserveerde flora door Mandy van Elzen en interactieve installatie: Heartsync.