Field of Connection

The interference pattern is the result of two or more waves interfering with each other, this idea is used as a metaphor for the interaction and interference of people’s “energy.” When the waves touch, they merge into a hypnotic whole and form a special pattern.

In the installation, you can experience in physical space how you yourself send waves into the world that in turn reach those of others and form new patterns.

By making visible your effect on your surroundings, you become more aware of your own influence on other people and your influence on the world, and then you can start asking yourself: what do I want my impact to be?

Awareness of your impact on the world enables you to see and take responsibility for your presence. Are you able to reflect on what your presence means to those around you?

Thanks to:
Mark van de Korput – Creative coder

V2_ Testlab & Kunstavond XL

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