Heartsync part of DRIFT in Carré

During the DRIFT in Carré tour you encounter my interactive installation Heartsync under the stage. Heartsync is a realtime interactive installation that explores human synchronisation.

Let’s make more opportunities in our lives for connection. Take some time to tune into yourself and tune with others. Your heartbeat and breath says a lot about you, become aware of your own rhythms.
To often we use technology as an escape and for economical gains.

Your breathing reflects your state of mind, remember how you breathe if you are upset and how different it is from when you are blissful. But did you also notice that you can use your breath to change your state of mind? Heartsync makes use of this principle.
Research by The Art of Living

Next to that we have the ability to synchronise with ourselves and each other, from each participant the heart coherence (HRV) is measured and the group coherence is visualised.
Research by the HeartMath Institute

An artwork that encourages connection, something to experience with a group.

Thanks to:
Julika Marijn – Voice-over
Wes Broersen – Creative coding

Studio DRIFTespecially Floor van Eekeren & Lonneke Gordijn
Koninklijk Theater Carré Amsterdamespecially Michel Redeker, Joav Richartz & Marco Hartendorf

Wouter Keijzer – Filming
Mark Korput – Sensor programming

This project was made with Touchdesigner (lights) and Arduino (sensors).

Photo by Ossip van Duivenbode

This project was adapted for the DRIFT in Carré tours, more about the original project here.