Every person has a heartbeat, it is a symbol for our humanness.

Two years ago, I found a publication from the HeartMath Institute on the correlation of heart rate variability and heartsynchronisation. Our heart rhythm is continuous, the time intervals between heartbeats change constantly. We call this heart rate variability (HRV).

Your heart rate is sensitive to emotional changes, so you can read your psychological state from your heart rhythm. Your body has a natural rhythm that is in balance when you are free from stress.

In the paper, HeartMath talks about how you can increase the coherence in your own heart rhythm (more in a natural balance) and that this increases the synchronisation of heart rhythms between participants in a group. I wanted to use the concept of heart synchronisation as a symbol and working mechanism for a deeper connection.

Agathafestival (Delft)
Boeddhist centrum: Phuntsok Chö Ling (Rotterdam)
Dutch Design Week 2018 (BioArt Laboratories, Eindhoven)
HKU Onderwijsdag event (Utrecht)

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