Mind x Breath

In Mind x Breath, participants are equipped with an EEG sensor (Muse Headband) that measures their live brainwave activity. Through audio instructions, participants are asked to breathe at various rhythms to experience different emotional states. Their emotional state is then visualized through a laser projection.

The calmer the circle, the calmer the emotional state. See how the circle changes with different breathing patterns and ultimately ends with a calm emotional state.

In a society where we often don’t take the time to “breathe” and often only try something if it yields results, it is important for people to see and experience the benefits of deep breathing.

Thanks to:
Julika Marijn: Voice-over
Filippo Sbalchiero: Filming
Liza Basilashvili: Editing
Noor Francken: Managing

Website Art of Living: www.artoflivingnederland.nl